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The Kitten Board

A great place to find everything Willow & Tara, But be warned, do not mention Tara's death or the potential Slayer Kennedy.  Lol you might not live to tell about it.

This is a place for any pairing you can think of in any TV series. I perfer BTVS, The Buffyverse here as over 20 pairings! Choos what you want and just have fun reading!

Through The Looking Glass (W/T Style)

This is a place for W/T Fanfiction, many completed stories, and many not completed. But fun to read none-the-less!

Willow & Tara Fiction Archive

kept updated as possible, and has a ton of stories in it! this archive will have a story in it if we don't (But not for long) Explore, read to your hearts content!

Passion & Perfection; BTVS

This has BTVS stories, many different pairings and some very unusual. However great author's and very well written stories. Care for a lil Buffy and Tara action, or is Faith and Buffy more your style? You will find it here!

Mistress/Kitten Fantastico

Want to get a little kinky with Willow & Tara. then this site is for you!!! BDSM and so much more awaits in this list of stories.

CN's Cauldron Of FanFiction 

A collection of fanfiction from CN and many other Series. Some might already be here. but worth checking out anyway!

Near Her Always

A site dedicated to mutliple pairings of couples! Some quite interesting. Want to explore other sides taht are not just W/T? this is the place to do it!

Willow & Tara Fiction

A Basic site, that has a lot of LARGE W/T stories. Some of my favorite stories lay here in wait for someone to read them. Care to take a  gander over, it will be worth it!

Willow & Tara A FanFiction Website

Prett ystraight forward by the title, a few stories not many, clicking the title will get you straight to the few stories they have.



This is a place to see a lot of Kennedy/Willow story pairings. I have spent hours here myself reading, and seeing how people would take this relationship. hope you Enjoy!