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Kennedy Cammack aka AstronSoul

Finding My Soul Mate

Rated: PG to NC-17


Two women both Mages, meet, fall in love in the middle of a war between guilds. One woman an Amazonian Mage/Warrior the first of her kind. The other a Mage Knight. Both go against the grain to keep love and to live while they battle the forces of darkness.

Finding My Soul Mate


Chapter 1

“Sal, you need to concentrate!” My trainer demanded my attention, I groaned; my body was hot, sore and couldn’t cast another ounce of magick. “Sir, I have been working non stop since I got here, I need to reenergize and eat.” I was calm but the words still sounded like I was snapping, it was odd. Now if anyone knew me, I trained my ass off; working hard to be the best mage there ever was. But sometimes my trainer just pisses me off, I work all day to perfect things, going as far as just thinking a spell and it happens. A girl needs food, sunlight and relaxation too!

Yet I had to obey the council, training for war they said, as they sent me instructor after instructor. “I’m going to the market, don’t like it tough. Don’t even try to stop me, you know you will lose.” I set aside the potions I had in my hand, walking out of the training gym and into the fresh air, well fresh as it comes in the middle of the city.

Walking down the busy shopping district, many of the cities inhabitants looked at me in awe. They knew who I was, they knew I had power, ‘Yes I am the one who is going to protect you all’ I thought sarcastically. Many moved out of my way, seeing a woman of 5’4 cladded in sleek black armor with chain mail underneath usually scared people off. Not to mention the broadsword and bow on my back, the dagger as well as a sword on my belt. I was a force to be reckoned with. Little did I know however, there was another force that would render me helpless in my future.

“Sal!! Sal wait up!” I groaned hearing Jason’s voice, the boy practically drooled over me every chance he got. “Hey Jason, what’s up?” I stay relaxed and my hand rests on the hilt of my sword, rubbing the red blood diamond on the end. He smiled at me, “I see you are taking a break from training, anything wrong?” He matched my stride as we walked, being he was six foot tall that meant baby steps to him. “Nothing, I needed a break and food. I’m heading to the market to get some fresh produce and hopefully get some meat cooked.” He nodded, and then he turned to me.

“Saalandrias….” He trailed off saying my first name, not many called me that but when Jason says it; means he wants something. “What is it Jason?” My voice was a bit cold; I really didn’t want to deal with favors or requests. “Will you marry me Saalandrias Blackwing?” I stopped cold in my tracks; everyone in town knew I didn’t like the male species. Looking at him my eyes narrowing, a few people heard his question and were waiting for an answer. I gritted my teeth setting my jaw tight. He looked down at me with a smile, his eyes still hoping.

“No.” Was my only reply, starting my path to the market again, he caught my arm~ “Why?” He asked, I growled no one touches me Jason knew this yet he insisted. “Because I don’t like nor love you Jason. I never will, now leave me be and go do whatever. I will never be yours.” I walk off leaving Jason slack jawed in the small alley, finally reaching the market; I go to a few stalls and get my food.

I climb up to my usual perch, high on a stone wall overlooking the market plaza. Munching away on apples, some peaches and a nice roasted piece of chicken when something or rather someone caught my eye. Her hair was long, jet black, fair skin, and her eyes captivated me. She was shopping at the fabric stall, smiling and laughing as she spoke to the woman who owned the shop. My heart leapt into my chest and I coughed having a hard time swallowing my bite of chicken. “Wow…” was all I could say in a low whisper, the woman bought her silks and then continued shopping throughout the market.

Not moving from my perch, I felt a hand smack my calf, looking down I see my instructor and groans. “What do you want?” I asked looking down at him and taking a bite of a peach. “You have been gone for two hours, was wondering if you were coming back?” He questioned, I hadn’t realized I was gone for so long, looking back over the crowd I sigh seeing she was no longer in sight and hopped off the wall. “Apologies Sir, I saw someone and well lost track of time.”

The man nodded, “Take the rest of the day off, you are ready anyway for battle. Don’t think you need any more training. You will do well Mystic General.” My eyes widened as he said my title, I remember him saying he would never say it till he knew I was ready. “Thank you Sir.” Shaking his head he smiled, “No more Sir, Mikah is what you call me now. Now I get to call you Sir.” His smile was playful but he was being serious. “Thank you Mikah, you have truly helped me a lot.”

Mikah nodded, padded his now General on the leg and walked back to the Gym, leaving myself to enjoy the day. “Ok, now where could she have gone off too?” I spoke to myself out loud. I move into the crowd and people side stepped to let me pass, I looked through various shops before stopping at the Magick Leathers shop. I smile as I enter, “Lizzia you here?” I ask walking up to the counter. A small woman pops up from behind the desk. “Hello Sal.” She smiled and rested her hands on the counter.

‘What do I owe the honor of your visit?” I could feel the magick in the shop, almost every piece of leather was soaked in it. “Sal, you there honey?” She waved at me and I chuckled, “I am here just enjoying the aromas of leather mixed with magicks. I have great news, I am done with training and I need you to make my black General Armor, with the chain mail and the steel plates.”

The woman’s eyes brightened as she began writing what I said down, “So you want everything right, down to the underwear? But keep the stomach free, everything else covered, I have your guilds insignia and your personal one?” She rattled off the questions, I simply nodded my approval. “Yes Lizzia, oh do you remember a small woman coming in here earlier, jet black hair, fair skin, about this height?” Puts my hand up to where about the raven haired beauty would stand to me.

Lizzia looked up and nodded, “yes that’s Tara SilverSoul, and she came in, and dropped off some silks for me to prepare for her. They are almost done, why the interest General?” She grinned using my title, shrugging I leaned onto my elbow that was resting on the counter. “I’m just interested is all.” I winked at the woman. “Well, she comes in every day, she trains in the magicks ya know. You fancy her do you?”

I blush a deep read nodding, then stood up straight, “So when will my armor be done, I need it in at least a month or so?” The smaller woman nodded, “I will have it done by next Tuesday, and you can come pick it up then. Soldiers are my priority over other customers. You above anyone else even. It will be done quickly and to your specifications.” Nodding my understanding, I place a voucher on the counter, “The guild is paying for this, so use the strongest magicks you got and don’t hold back. You know I can handle the power.” Grinning, I say goodbye and step back out into the busy market.

I side stepped to miss a woman carrying a baby, chuckling as I make my way through the crowd, I head home. I open the door to my apartment and shut it behind me. Sighing I slide off my gloves and place them on my hallway table. It had been a long day, though it was still early, I wanted a bath and to freshen up.  Heading the bathroom, I start to shed my armor, leather being dropped to the floor, then with a whisper in Gaelic, the chain mail felt light as a feather and I slide it off, tossing it with the rest of my leathers.

I started my bath, putting in oils that would relax my muscles and ease the tension faster than normal water. By touch the water was cold, not having a fireplace I was grateful I knew how to use fire in spells. Touching my hand to the water, it immediately started to steam. “Ahh nice and hot; just how I like it.” Stepping in I slide into the water and close my eyes, my thoughts drifting to Tara SilverSoul.




Morning came too quickly as I opened my eyes, realization dawning that I was still in the bathtub. The water ice cold, as well as me being a total prune, getting up I grab a towel wrapping it around me. As I head to the bedroom I flick my hand towards a small bowl on the coffee table, “Inferno.” the objects became blazoned with fire. 

Entering the room, I take out my Amazonian armor, still black in color, but this was all leather. I had promised myself when training was done I would wear this armor more. Not many new I was an actual Amazon Warrior, 21 years of age and I had mastered the Mages Guilds requirements for the highest ranking. Mastering the Amazonian fighting styles as well as their magicks, running my fingertips over the emblem that was magickly imprinted into the various visible areas of the armor.

I step back pulling the towel from my head, putting it on my head and starting to dry my hair. The Black hair with blood red streaks were my trademark, everyone knew me by my color, laughing to myself knowing people had no idea how exactly I colored my hair this way. No one even knew my natural hair color, which was fine by me, seeing all the other girls with blond hair. Made me see blonde’s as idiots instead of women of the world. Tossing the towel aside, I brush through my short hair looking in the mirror at myself.

“Damn girl, your muscles are tight.” I grinned at my reflection, toned muscular stomach, biceps and forearm that could wield any weapon a man used, legs toned strong and agile. “Man, I hope Tara likes her women buff.” I reach down and pick up my chest piece of armor, the inside was lined with a soft black silk to keep from chaffing the skin even though the leather itself was soft. Sliding into it I start tightening the laces on the side, while readjusting myself to make sure I have proper support. I latch the small buckles over the laces. Running my fingers over my bare stomach smiling at myself.

The silver buckles looked like small daggers, another trademark of mine. No one in town had daggers on their clothing or armor for that matter; that was made only for me. The daggers were actually sharp at the point, allowing for grappling an opponent and twisting so they would dig into whatever body part has a hold of me at the time.

Smoothing my hands over the chest piece I grin, it fit just right after everything was situated, I grab my briefs and step into them, sliding them over toned thighs and resting on my hips. I move from side to side to make sure it stays in place and smiles; leather against your body is just delicious. “No wonder Jason asked you to marry him, shit you look fucking hot Sal.” 

I sit down and pulling out my boots from under the chair, the boots were knee high in height, and had a steel toe hidden in the tip of each boot. No laces on these just the dagger buckles up the sides. Sliding my foot in I start to snap the buckles shut, feeling the magick activate when the final buckle latched. The boots were enchanted for speed, this helped when I had to run or make quick moves on the ground. Sliding the other on with little effort and sealed the buckles.

“Now where is my battle skirt” I wondered out loud, then it clicked in my head like a lightning striking the ground. Moving to a large Mahogany chest, opening it I reveal a battle skirt, straps of leather; each piece of leather having steel studs on them. Made the skirt pop but also hurt whoever got hit by them when moving quickly. I pull it out and close the chest, wrapping it around my waist and snapping it closed, before I leave the room I grab my bow with a quill of arrows, and a long sword that I anchored to a special notch in my skirt belt and headed out for the day.


The market place was unusually busy today at lunch; I had just gotten back from a hunt and sold most of my catch to the butcher, leaving me with a nice purse of 200 crowns. I got my usual lunch, fruits, bread and some roasted meat and hopped onto the wall. My eyes scanned the crowd as I ate, hoping to see the Tara walking throughout the stalls. I finished my lunch and was about to give up when black hair caught my eye. I lean up and smile, there she was walking right to the Silk stall. I wanted to walk up to her and say hi, but I was way too nervous, I just watched her shop for a couple hours then left the market.

Tossing the scraps from my lunch in a near back trash hole, I jump down and almost land on Jason. “Fuck Sal, watch where you jump off!” He snapped; I straightened myself out scowling ta him. “Don’t decide to be right under foot when I jump down.” I growled the words and he knew I caught him doing it on purpose. He looked at me then his eyes widened. “You’re an Amazon!” He yelled it so loud the whole market place went quiet and looked in our direction. People’s mouths were open in shock, some were in awe. I lifted my head and pulled down the collar of my chest piece to show the tattoo of the Blackwing tribe, the strongest Amazon tribe.

“Yes, I am an Amazon, what of it?” My hand was resting relaxed on the hilt of my long sword; I was starting to get a bit edgy. He shook his head, “All this time and I never knew. Wait does that mean when you went off for 7 years, did you go train?” I nodded; those were seven grueling years of intense physical training, almost died a few times. “Yes, I left to go back to my tribe to train, you would think with my last name being Blackwing you would have figured it out; men so dense.” I mumbled and walked into the crowd who now had gone back to their daily business. He caught my arm, I turned gripping his wrist and you could hear a snap as I broke it backwards. He screamed in pain but tried to muffle it, “I said don’t touch me Jason, you seem to not listen.”

He whimpered and cradled his wrist to his chest, “I just, ok so I don’t take a hint. Can you blame me, look at you! You’re hot, and fuck a warrior on top of that is just a damn turn on.” Rolling my eyes I step closer, “Ever touch me again Jason, and you won’t just get a broken wrist, now go get it checked out and leave me alone.” I walk to the Leathers Store and slam the door shut, locking it and flipping the sign to close.

“Lizzia!!” I was mad, I needed someone to talk too. The woman ran from the back with black smudges on her face, “One moment dear and I will be right with you, I see I am closing early today.” She raised an eyebrow but went to the back to finish whatever she was doing. I walked around seeing the various gloves, gauntlets and pieces of armor. A pair of gauntlets caught my eye; I picked them up and felt a rush go through me. I set them down wide eyed. Again Lizzia came running out, “Did you touch something? I felt a power surge like a connection.” 

She looked at me intently; Pointing to the gauntlets she gasped, she took them and looked at me, “These are very special, they were enchanted by the High Council in the Guild, left here for when the person who is meant to have them, finds them.” She handed them to me; I felt the power again and looked at her confused as I held them. “They are yours now, no charge. They belong to you.” She smiles walking around the counter and sitting on her stool. “Well go on put them on, should match that Amazonian armor quite nicely.”

She watched as I strapped them on under my gloves, the insignia on my armor glowed like it was getting a connection to the gloves, I felt strong and powerful. “Why are these mine exactly, why would I be the owners of something like this?” She leaned on the counter resting her elbows, “These were made for an Amazon with great power, and she is the one who with the help of another by her side, going to change the world. You are the Amazon.”

Eyes widen, I never told Lizzia that I was an Amazon, but she somehow knew already my heritage. I definitely never lived the life of an Amazon except when I went for my training. “Um yes I suppose I am, Lizzia are you a seer?” I watched her face, but there wasn’t even a twitch when I asked, she simply nodded and smiled. “Yes I am, I knew about you when you first came here.” Sighing I lean on the counter rubbing my forehead. “Jason just proclaimed it to the whole town…” I take my gloves off and set them on the counter.

“Well you knew people would know eventually, am I right?” She asked me, I nodded not saying anything. “Then why is it so bad, many respect the Amazon nation, especially their women warriors. No one would want to mess with that kind of fighter.” She rested a hand on mine, “but you are different, you are the first Amazon to be a Mage Mystic, you could take over the guild if you wanted too, yet you trained to fight wars and to protect nations.” I smiled at the smaller woman; she always knew what to say when, anytime I needed someone to talk too. I stood up and smiled, “You always know how to calm me down.”

Lizzia nodded, “Oh, I almost forgot, I finished early.” She disappeared into her back room and came out with a very large box, setting it on the counter she looked at me. “Well open it, it’s yours.” I flipped the flaps back and gazed at the most beautiful armor I had ever seen, sleek black soft leather, but I knew was hard as dragon scales if anything tried to penetrate it. “Lizzia, this is amazing. By Goddess you do amazing work.” My eyes moved over each item as I took it out of the box examining everything.

I looked at the items now scattered on the counter, seeing the various insignia’s right where I wanted them. The magick in the armor was powerful, and I felt it connect to me. “How much is this costing the guild?” I ask with awe in my voice, slowly starting to put the leather and steel armor back in the box. She chuckled, “Oh don’t worry they have more than paid, and if you need anything for you are your future partner, come in and tell me. I won’t charge you for anything. You are like a daughter to me, and you risking your life for us all, it’s the least I can do.”

My eyes were watering, I have never cried out of joy before but today was the day, I walked around the counter and found I was allowed to pass through the spell that kept customers from trying to take anything. Pulling her into my arms in a tight hug, then slowly setting her down, “Thank you, you have always been there for me, it’s my turn to be there for you my friend.” She kisses my cheek, making me blush a deep red almost matching the stripes in my hair. Then I pick up the box and head out, I go to flip the sign back to open. “Leave it, I think I will take the afternoon of. Cote my Amazon friend.”

My face lights up at the warrior greeting, “Cote, I will see you again soon.” I slip out the door and shut it behind me, carrying the large box to my apartment, entering I walk straight to my bedroom and pack the new armor into the oak chest I had sitting empty waiting for it. “Now I just gotta find Tara, I leave soon and I can’t…I can’t wait much longer.” My eyes sadden as I realize within 2 weeks I would be at the front lines of a war that threatens all kingdoms, I was being sent there to stop it. Closing the chest, I walk into my small sitting area, pick up my pan flute and begin to play an old Amazon melody. The music floated out my window, little did I know that a certain woman heard my playing, and listened to the song, and many more after that, till I went to rest for the night.